EasyPost Account Setup & API Keys

In order to generate return labels on your behalf, we will need you to set up an Easypost account as well as provide us with the associated API key. Here are the steps to do this!
1. Sign up for an EasyPost account, and enter your contact information to get started
2. Click on your email address in the upper left-hand corner and select Billing from the drop-down.
3. Set up a Bank Account with EasyPost. It is recommended that you set up a backup payment method as well so that they can fund your account even while waiting for a bank account transfer to complete.
4. Add a Reload payment method and amount so EasyPost can reload automatically when you run out of shipping funds.
5. To add your carriers, go to the upper left-hand corner, click your email address and click “Carrier Accounts” to connect your preferred carriers.
6. Visit API Keys in EasyPost and copy/send us the Production and Test API Key.

7. Visit Carrier Accounts in EasyPost and copy/send us the account ID of the carrier you'd like to use for return labels.