What happens if I keep something that I don't pay for?

Once your Try period ends, it is very important that unwanted items are returned, and kept items are paid for. This makes sure that we keep our promise with our partnered retailers, and we keep our service free and secure.

If we are unable to verify that items have been returned, or is unable process payment for your balance 7 days after the end of your Try period, we will invoice you for the amount owed. A $15 late fee will also be applied to your account, and additional $15 late fees will be applied to your balance every 30 days thereafter. We will also open an investigation, and report your outstanding balance to the national credit reference agencies as required by law.

In the event that we are unable to reach you or resolve the outstanding balance after 30 days, further action will be taken. We may file a local police report, and depending on the amount of your outstanding balance, we will either attempt to recover the balance owed in small claims court, or pass on your information to a debt collections agency.

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